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Are you protected?

Rock Spring provides safety, quality, service –  

and now protection.

Rock Spring uses VERFICO, a software built to ensure that all workers on our job sites are being paid and classified properly and that our subcontractors are educated on and abiding by federal and local labor laws.


Wage theft is most common among women and minority worker populations, and Rock Spring is committed to being a leader in demonstrating how companies can ensure it does not occur on their job sites.

It does matter what subcontractors you hire - now more than ever

  • Liability for worker wage and hour claims can flow up to General Contractors and their customers, regardless of contracts.   


  • Do you know who is on your job and how they are paid?                                                                                 

  • There are usually multiple tiers of subcontractors – are all those workers being classified and paid correctly?                                                                                       

  • Potential Liability for General Contractors/Owners/End Users:                            
    * Fines for misclassifying an employee as
       an independent contractor, per occurrence.
    * Legal fees stemming from private lawsuits.
    * Damages for unpaid wages and overtime, penalties,     fees and BAD PRESS.

  • The VERFICO™ software and application tracks our drywall workforce, including subcontractor employees.  The software ensures that all hours are accurately accounted for and audits weekly payroll reports to confirm all workers are being paid and classified properly.   


  • The software ensures compliance with record keeping laws by storing data for three years.   


  • VERFICO™ also delivers job site safety tracking, schedule tracking, and budgeting benefits.                                 

  • Rock Spring employees have always been compensated and classified correctly, and we have taken steps to ensure that all of our drywall subcontractors are also compliant with wage and hour laws.                                                                          

  • We take an EDUCATE and AUDIT approach: Our trusted few subcontractors are provided with education on wage and hour laws, and VERFICO™ ensures compliance.

Learn more about VERFICO here.

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