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Jennifer Mateos
VERFICO Administrator

Jennifer joined Rock Spring in 2022 to be the central point of contact for our workers and subcontractors using Verfico, Rock Spring's proprietary workforce management software.  In her role, Jennifer helps the workers and Foreman on our job sites troubleshoot the Verfico app if they are having issues and assists with adding and fixing time longs when needed.  She works closely with Rock Spring labor subcontractors to check weekly payroll reports, and create invoices. She also tracks ongoing software development and is responsible for the overall data quality in Verfico.


Prior to Rock Spring, Jennifer worked as a front office manager in the medical field for 14 years with different kinds of specialists. She loves being in a role where she can help others, and also enjoys being a realtor in her spare time. 

She has two wonderful boys and is married to Rock Spring's Superintendent, Rigo Mateos.



Phone: 202-579-4501

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