Rock Spring’s Drywall Prefabrication Capabilities

Rock Spring’s team creates prefabricated drywall assemblies, reducing materials, limiting cutting on site, increasing safety and cleanliness, and accelerating schedules.

Prefabrication Benefits 

Rock Spring’s factory is prefabricating drywall assemblies for many different applications as well as pre-cutting in-wall blocking.

Housekeeping / Safety

  • Reduces extra materials on site, minimizes handling of drywall compound, metal corner bead, and plywood.

  • Reduces dust from sanding and ripping /notching plywood. 

Schedule / Efficiency

  • Avoids extra steps (installation of bead and finishing of conditions), reducing the schedule.

  • Allows other trades to perform work earlier and hold-to-dimensions are available sooner, improving timing for long lead materials.



  • Perfect corners, no finishing, installed in one piece.

  • Opens creative possibilities – creating shapes and details otherwise not considered.

  • Curves, radius corners and columns made easily.

  • Difficult cuts easy to duplicate.

  • More durable.

Available Prefab Assemblies

(Although the sky's the limit on what can be manufactured)


  • I bulkheads

  • L bulkheads

  • Step bulkheads

  • Cove bulkheads

  • Radius bulkheads

  • End of wall condition / returns

  • Column covers

  • Niche openings

  • Castle cutting

  • In-wall blocking

For questions regarding our Drywall Prefabrication Capabilities please contact Chris Leonette

 3925 Plyers Mill Road 
 Kensington, MD 20895 

 Phone: 301-933-5111 
 Fax: 301-933-5441